How Can I Buy Digital Currencies On CoinSpot ?

To buy digital currencies with AUD you’ll need to be verified.

After you’re verification you’ll be able to deposit AUD into your CoinSpot Account.

To do so, click on ‘Deposit AUD’ on the web page present on the top and choose one among all payment options.

Depending on your payment options, the funds might also be in your account instantly or might take some days. Do verify every payment method and also the assumed time it will take.


  1. Click Buy/Sell option within the menu

  1. Click Buy next to the coin/token you’d wish to purchase

  1. Enter the amount number in a specific digital currency or AUD

  1. Click Buy
  2. Carefully read the confirmation screen and make sure that everything is done correctly

  1. After the process is completed, click Wallets to verify that the coins have arrived.

NOTE- Before confirming your payment; have patience and watch carefully every single step. It is your money which you are investing in. So mind it before using it. Do not invest all your money at once.

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