How Can I Trade Coins Without A Verified Account On Coinspot ?

If your account isn’t verified, you’ll still be able to use CoinSpot to trade.

For this, you are best to send BTC/LTC/DOGE/ETH into your CoinSpot account and use it to exchange with available alternative coins.

After you’ve done this, you need to sell these coins for an additional coins which is offered on the site, and it is not AUD. Now follow the procedure –



  1. Send the BTC, LTC, or ETH into your CoinSpot account.
  2. Move towards the ‘Sell’ page and select any of the BTC, LTC, doge or ETH (Depending on what coin you selected)
  3. Whenever you are asked ‘What you’d prefer to sell it for?’ You should then open the drop down box and click on the coin you would like to sell. By default, this is often chosen on AUD (Australian dollars).

There is one drawback of an unverified account, you cannot deposit or withdrawal AUD.

If you want to withdraw or deposit AUD funds from your account, you’ll be needed to have your account verified.

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